Free Ukraine. It’s our mission. And yours.

Free Ukraine Oxford Foundation

With our expertise and experience and your help, we can help Ukraine in immeasurable ways

The atrocities being committed by Russia in the Ukraine are horrific and well documented.

The immense courage and indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian army and its citizen “freedom fighters” have inspired patriots around the world. While humanitarian aid is being mobilized by many organizations, we are primarily focused on procuring essential (non-lethal) equipment for the citizen Territorial Guard in the Ukrainian cities under heaviest attack.

Our Foundation has partnered with former Michigan National Guard personnel to secure body armor, uniforms, medical kits other items essential to outfitting a citizen defense force determined to protect themselves and preserve their freedom.

Our military expertise and networks allow our overseas partners to facilitate getting these essential goods into the country quickly. Most importantly, large quantities of essential equipment go directly into the hands of the citizen defense force.

Read more about this project at Crain’s Detroit Business Here.

Objective(s) of the Oxford Foundation’s Free Ukraine Mission:

Amount to Be Raised/Administrative $1.5 Million (USD)
Checks should be made out to “Oxford Foundation-Free Ukraine.
100% of funds raised go directly to essential equipment purchase and shipment expense.
Significant discounts and/or in-kind services have been secured from suppliers.

About the Oxford Foundation
Established in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) with contributions to the Corporation deductible to the donor as charitable contributions under Section 170 of the IR. While the “Free Ukraine” will be the first of it’s kind for the Oxford Foundation, for over 30 years, the foundation has supported education, regulatory reinvention, humanitarian issues (both domestic and foreign), and public policy thought leadership. Our corporate profile is linked below.

Free Ukraine Leadership Credentials

Major General (Ret.) Gregory Vadnais
Former Adjutant General for the State of Michigan and former Commanding General 38th Infantry Division Mechanized.  He has spent over 8 years working with the NATO Member country of Latvia and understands the challenges faced by the entire region.  Numerous multinational-level exercises were conducted on his watch in Michigan and Latvia.   He has worked extensively within the NATO framework.    

Sergey Zelenskiy
Born in Kiev, Ukraine, moved to the US in 1999. He also had experience serving in the Russian Army as a conscript.  Zelenskiy still has much of his family in Ukraine.  He is our direct daily contact to the Territorial Guard units we are supporting in this initiative. Intimately familiar with his own country, he plays a critical role in communicating and coordinating with partisan fighting units in Ukraine.  

First Sergeant (Ret.) Shawn Menard
Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, with extensive combat experience fighting alongside the soldiers from Latvia. Two of his Latvian teammates were killed in action during the tragic battle of OP Bari Alai. This was the first Multinational Operational Mentor and Liaison Team, a Joint U.S.- Latvia deployment in Afghanistan.  First Sergeant has extensive knowledge of the region, training Latvian soldiers in multiple exercises conducted in Latvia, as well as training Polish and Estonian troops Stateside.

Colonel (Ret.) Ryan Connelly, Deputy Director
Retired after 30 years of Active Service, the last 20 years in the Michigan National Guard, as the Director of Operations, Plans & Training. Beginning in 1997 served two consecutive tours in Europe. Planned dozens of Partnership for Peace training exercises with former Soviet bloc countries; and in 2004 planned the first State Partnership Program large scale training exercise with Latvia. Deployed to Iraq in 2008 as an Infantry Battalion Operations Officer; and again in 2012 to Afghanistan as an Infantry Battalion Commander. With over 25 years of experience in Europe has extensive knowledge & understanding of operations & challenges facing European Allies, NATO & U.S. Forces stationed in the European Command footprint.

Ukrainian humanitarian relief leaders

Ukrainian humanitarian relief leaders Anastasiia Borodenkova and Lena Zaimis are enhancing the campaign’s effort to target and deliver specific needs to the Ukraine Citizen Defense Force. The women, who were born and raised in Ukraine and live in the U.S., have experience and relationships with the Territorial Defense Force. 

Anastasiia Borodenkova is an Ukrainian actress is actively coordinating collection of the essential non-lethal and medical equipment and handling the logistics of getting goods shipped and received all the way to the end user. She is the founder of The Future of Ukraine foundation that helps orphanages in the occupied territories (separate areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine), families of the victims of the antiterrorist operation (АТО) and field hospitals. Borodenkova’s humanitarian relief experience includes playing a leadership role providing equipment and materials during the conflict in Crimea 2014.

Lena Zaimis, an Ukrainian born U.S. citizen marketing executive with a global biopharmaceutical company living in New Jersey, has been working on a parallel effort of raising funds for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense.

Officers and Directors:

The following are the Officers and Directors as of February, 2022:

Hon. Charles R. Perricone (Vice President and Director)
Former Speaker, Michigan House of Representatives

Richard D. McLellan (President, Secretary-Treasurer and Director)

Don Cooper, Deputy Director for Charter Schools, Grand Valley State University

Maj. Gen (R) Gregory Vadnais, former Michigan Adjutant General

Susy Heintz Avery, Executive Director

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